More About Us


Hi, I'm Debbie.

Thanks for taking a moment and considering me to be the one to show you or your child (or both!) the excitement of playing the guitar. 

 With over 25 years playing and teaching experience, I have taught hundreds of students, both in my private studio, and through Jordan, Salt Lake, and Granite School Community Education courses. 

Educated through Berklee College of Music.


Wonder what age to start?

 Although I teach any age, I specialize in teaching young children. The actual age for a child to start depends on each individual. If your child can understand numbers and letters, has developed fine motor skills, and can follow instructions, they can most likely learn how to play the guitar.  My youngest student was only 3 years old!  The average starting age is 8-10 years old.

     If you are looking for lessons for an adult, I can do that too. You are never too old to learn!  My oldest student? 94!



     Every Spring, my students put on a recital that they work towards, sometimes months in advance. This gives each of them the opportunity to not only perform, but to see what others have been learning . For some of my more advanced kids, it has gotten to be more of a friendly competition, and they all have a great time.

     To get them motivated to practice, I reward for good practice habits. Throughout the year, they can earn individual rewards, and they all work hard and look forward to earning a  "100 Hour Party" !